So I’m CRAZY late with this, but hey…  that’s what happens when things get hectic!nytmare lucky dog marquee

The release party at the Lucky Dog was real dope, and a great night on many counts. The crowd got thick early –  which was awesome to see the city come out to support. I got about 150 CD’s off at the show and that’s with some people forgetting to grab it or couples taking just one. Having the different genres perform paid dividends as each brought something live and different, and throughout the night fans kept talking about being impressed and cross pollinating. Much love to Spit Supreme, Cocaine Robots, Shane Hall and Evince Ethos for sharing the stage with me. I brought my A-Game for the show for sure, but following these acts who thoroughly impressed the crowd had me dig deep for even more.

About 12:45AM we finally took the stage to a wilding ovation. I mean serious loud, after every song. I was definately humbled by the love. A quick intro to shatter pre-concieved notions (“This is not what you think it is …”) and we set it off. The crowd was ravenously hype and pushed up to the stage surrounding me. I emphatically let em know what time it was running through sharp raw aggression with REIGN DROPS, BRUISED UP and ASHES TO ASHES. Bouncing around on stage, passionately laying down verse I had the crowd throwing hands at me and finishing my lines and “bringing it to me RAW”. When I jumped, they jumped. When I nodded, they nodded. They heard their part in the music and called back at me ( “..cuz Lakeside’s crazy… “ I see you!). The music was like a whip I was cracking and the crowd responded to every word. You could FEEL the energy in the room and it was really awe inspiring to me and pushed me to give even more in the performance.

Things really got frenzied with SYCAMORE (“I’m INSANE when I’m boxed in!”). If you check the pics the sweat is pouring off of me from the crazy lighting effects and jumping around and pulling my hair out. Perfect time to induce some cerebral head-nodding with SINISTER and SEX IS A WEAPON. ( this song is so vicious I almost felt bad performing infront of some family that was at the show… ALMOST …. ) Nuz took a break from hype vocals and we mixed it up with Nay’s female vocalist rendition of NOWADAYS, BETRAYAL and the infamous electronica collab I did with GANG LU, TEAR.  The singing was mint as usual.

Nuz took his mic back and we had a little fun with the crowd making them sing I WISH I KNEW. Then we finally brought it home with the fav RESONATE, bouncing through the lyrics with the crowd throwing hands and finishing the hook for us yelling “musta been something ya said!”. DOPE! Huge applause at the end, many thanks at the end and it was a wrap. Many daps and props later….  many comments on how they normally don’t like hip-hop but loved the show … I was ready to collapse. I had given my all.

I know I was putting my LP out there, but it ended up being about what was given to me. The energy and love of that crowd was unreal and the greatest gift of all. It was truly something special to be a part of and I will never, ever forget it.

Thank You

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