All of the sick artwork you’ve seen for INSOMNIADDICT was done by my buddy Derek Ring of The dude is incredibly talented with a very unique dark, satiracle, comic book type style. Here’s a blog post he put up recently on his thought process for the monstrous release party poster he did along with an animation of the drawing process ( AWESOME!)

As many people know, I work digitally and take screengrabs as I work. Click here to see the latest animation, for last weeks’ Nytmare poster.

laocoonCouple things to notice. I originally had the hero fearlessly jumping at the monster, but that wasn’t really working for me. So he came forward and got entangled in the muck. I saw this picture of this roman sculpt when I was little and it’s always stuck with me. Something so calm and cool about all three of them: ‘Stupid serpents of evil, we’re trying to talk here!’

Also, there was going to be a chick in the image as well, but as I was drawing her, I just couldn’t wrap my head around the narrative. Too complicated without actually being interesting. Same thing with those roots. Too much.

Also, during the build, you’ll see the text turn on and off. I dropped in the text early, knowing that I wanted the composition to be 50/50 text/image, but kept it shut off (hidden) most of the time because of the gritty complex fonts. They tend to choke Illustrator. I like that program because it really moves at the speed of thought, so it’s just an efficiency thing.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Here’s the finished poster and the animation.

Incredibly ill!

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