The all-star squad over at Hulk Hate Time Travel just posted up a write-up and a bunch of videos from the “Insomniaddict” release party.

… For those of you that don’t know Nytmare is a staple in the Worcester hip hop scene and has been performing since the late nineties. He has shared the stage with homegrown favorites that have since faded away, I mention that only to let you know that Nytmare has been in the scene and putting in work for Worcity hip hop for a minute. I remember the first time hearing Ashes to Ashes over at Brother Menelik’s house circa 1999 and thinking to myself (respectively) “Who the fuck is this nigga ???“ It would be a few months before I met him in person. He had a dark sounding voice on the edge of being gritty with a rapid spitting yet clear delivery, the style Nytmare has is like no other in the City and his work ethic along with perfectionist approach to not only his music but his performance and stage presence is unmatched…

Check the full script HERE

Video evidence from that night is scarce, but the HHTT team managed to capture my first three songs:

Many thanks to T and the whole HHTT team for all they are doing right now for the city and culture in general. If you don’t read them regularly I suggest you get familiar.

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