So I’ve slacked on my blogging, blah blah … more on that later. In the meantime – I try and type in my website address to do a quick update and it tells me that Google is blocking it since it’s actually an “attack site“. WTF? I mean, Google … I’m honored with how far you are taking my aggressive music thing and all but seriously, come on now!

In other news I’m back on stage this coming Saturday for the annual DEADITES Halloween bash. After this many years you know it’s beyond ridiculous how wild this night gets.

By the way, if you are planning on coming through (and who doesn’t!?) don’t embarrass yourself. Click the link in the upper right hand corner and download / re-listen to my stuff so you know the songs. Nuz has threatened to smack the shit out of anyone acting too cool to follow along. That’s why even people who don’t feel hip-hop snap necks to my music… his pimp hand is strong.

Music for the new project has really been coming together lately. I think I may debut a rough of one song at the show Saturday night. Dope stuff, some inspiration coming from this:

Watch out now!

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