-verse 1-
I’m real Sinister, Sinister
Wortown your dark minister 
7 Hill cold clutch mics with double fist-ah
mister nocturn, kid I’m quick to burn
direct hit when I flow, never twist and turn 
that joystick flow Atari… Nyt- M-A-R-E
step into my world, MC’s dem drop body
I’m lyrical craft, binlad that maniac
bomb track and grammatical flak will snap backs 
My tong lash, shattering dreams and booth glass 
obscenities burst bubbles cursed to live fast 
serenity hurts when I blurt this lambaste
never throwing a jab, I’m here to put em on their ass
that venomous nemesis, rewriting the book of genesis
in anti-benevolent premises that are devilish
build it, and I’ma level it.. Wortown embezzlement
cocked, locked, and ready to shock-rock your tenement

-verse 2-
As for me, people don’t know the half or a quarter
Nyt-slaughter, Wor massacre, sinister mic order
fright hoarder, C4 sneaker fuse flight border 
I do it just for kicks, loosen up your tight daughter 
lyrically the shit, you don’t wanna get caught up
I’m literally sick, knockin’ noggins with ebola 
leave em in comas, holdin’ it down so foul
can’t hold your ground, my sound’s verbal bull-dozer 
so rewrite the books; laws of physics I ruin
with my concepts so solid with knowledge and flows fluid
scholarly I emulate villains in congruence,
and 508 embedded the hate for my influence
true it’s – no tellin’ all the evil that men do
but there’s few things that I won’t use to end you quick 
get any crew, they can’t defend you, 
when i move through, you gonna loose – my flows too sick

-verse 3-
I’m real villainous villainous, killin’ it spittin’ the illin’ shit
rock you muthafuckas ’til your feelin’ it, feelin’ it
I take every bit of hate, every bit of spite, every bit of of pain
it’s the venom I inject in my veins
and you can see it when i glare evil slant dragon red eye
feel it when u stare, devil dace haven’t met i
a miserable bastard – bomb master blastered, 
subliminal mind fuck ya world, play it backwards
with my bomb blow atomic, Droppin’ it catastrophic
dastardly flow; ya no can stop it 
a man wit no equal, my evil rock it
sinister topic, always hittin’ wit heavy rockets
knockin’ noggins out the socket, dead serious and demonic
to catch wreck is a mutha fuckin’ promise…
Wortown’s got villain now … and I ain’t going no where

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