So it’s like 2:30AM the night before the CD release and I can’t sleep. I would call it release day “eve” but really it’s the morning of…  so the semantics are tricky. You know, all kinds of bullshit goes down on the business and politics side of music and it can be really draining on you. Leading upto today there were times when things had kind of wore me down but a random IM changed all of that. A fan I never talked to added me on Facebook, messeged to say what’s up, and asked for an old song of mine that he couldn’t find. It was a song I haven’t had anywhere in well over 5 years. Turns out he got it on a promo sampler I had handed out after smuggling a handful of home made, sharpie written, burned CDR’s into a concert and passed out to random heads in like 2001. Dude told me that the particular song was his shit, he loved it and had been looking for it for years.  Damn…

What were the odds that my random needle in a haystack CD-R I passed out would resonate with some one to the point where they would still love a song they had lost 7 years later? Now that is love. That is music. That is what it’s all about. That is what makes all of the work and effort worth it.  I don’t give a fuck if there is just 1 person in the crowd Saturday. If it means that much to that person, then it means that much to me; and they deserve 110%.

I am beyond amped to rock this show tonight.

We’re officially one week out from the release, sick show lined up, boxes of CDs infront of me … I’m ready!

Nytmare - Insomniaddict

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 10, 2009


WORCESTER, MA – Worcester hip hop artist Nytmare has announced that his CD Release Party for his first full length CD, Insomniaddict, will be held on Saturday, October 10 at The Lucky Dog Music Hall, 89 Green Street, beginning at 9 PM.

After more than 10 years on the Worcester music scene, Nytmare says it’s about time that he shared his music beyond the scope of a live performance. “I’ve had tons of music finished for years,” he explains. “I just went through my archives, and took some of my favorites that I wanted to put out there and encapsulate.”

Featuring 15 tracks written between 1999 and 2009, Insomniaddict covers vast musical grounds, from underground to industrial and everything in between. It personifies Nytmare’s journey through 10 years of life, documenting raw emotion unapologetically and unabashedly. One moment, you’re caught in clever, and sometimes lewd, wordplay. The next, you’re in deep, philosophical thought over political metaphors. Insomniaddict’s only consistency is its ability to keep transforming into something else. It’s just not what you think it is.

“To me, these songs are Polaroids, thoughts, feelings and ideas from a specific time and place,” he adds. “For me, through music, I can genuinely capture a snapshot of a moment in time.”

Scheduled for the night of Saturday, October 10, the Insomniaddict Release Party guarantees any patron who walks in the doors of The Lucky Dog a copy of Nytmare’s first CD. “This night is about people who appreciate music that resonates and means something after all is said and done,” says Nytmare of the show’s lineup, which will feature musical acts across many genres. “It’s about crossing boundaries.”

The evening will open with a set by Spit Supreme, a homegrown solo MC known for his smooth flow and sharp lyricism, followed by the high energy hip hop duo Cocaine Robots, who never disappoint with great throwback tracks and satirical lyrics. Next up will be Shane Hall & The TickleBomb Orchestra, an eclectic and experimental collective fusing the sounds of folk, rock, and hip hop, then a performance by Evince Ethos, a symphonic metal band led by a captivating female vocalist. Nytmare hits the scene last, closing the night with a set arsenal sampling music from Insomniaddict as well as unreleased tracks from his archives.

“I’m looking forward to unveiling Insomniaddict and celebrating with old and new fans alike,” noted Nytmare. “I’m also excited to be involved in a show that really highlights the diversity that exists in the Worcester music scene.”

For more information about Nytmare, visit:


When I make music I do it because I have to. It’s cathartic. It’s my way of expression and release. Something really moves me and it’s the onlydead-polaroid way I can cope / vent / deal / explode and get it out of my system. Like many people I came up with a lot of adversity and music became my outlet to channel all of that energy in a less destructive way. Because of that, my writing process has always been strange. Something moves me and I will be up until 6AM still writing even though I have work in an hour because I just can’t stop writing! However, just sit me down in a studio and tell me to write to a beat and the results suck. It’s in-organic. It’s not how MY creative process works.

That being the case my music has always been like a Polaroid to me. An EXACT snapshot in time of a specific emotional and mental state. I get in the lab and painfully, meticulously craft a song so that it feels and captures exactly what I am trying to express right then. When it’s done? Great! I’ve encapsulated the thoughts/emotion, thrown it in a time capsule and I’m done with it. Someday I may dig it up and share the time capsule with people so they can understand and feel what I felt because that carefully crafted song does that so perfectly for me. My goal is to share the emotion, the feeling, the ideas. I want that piece of recording to stand by itself, without me, a totally autonomous piece of raw emotion and expression that can be unleashed when you take the lid off the box.

I know I’m probably late on this; but I saw a dude line his DS to his computer and use this to lay cuts yesterday and it blew my mind. There’s alot of digi scratching emulators out there but unless you had the dough for CD turntables you couldn’t really have a tactile touch kind of feel to it. The way this program (Protein DScratch) works you DO have that touch sensitivity and the end results sounded real dope!

I’m geeking on this probably because it’s combining two of my most favorite things in the world (Hip-Hop + Video Games)

Some people and purists probably hate on this stuff a bit and I can see why, but really … taking what you got around you and freaking stuff you aren’t supposed to in order to make new sounds is pretty much the genesis of hip-hop.

(…resisting the urge to go buy a DS now)

It’s Here …

For everyone who’s been with me for a while you know I’m the biggest procrastinator there is. (Seriously) I lose focus and end up having a million half done projects before I finish one in it’s entirety. I don’t know why that is … music is just organic to me and I have to ride the wave. When it’s forced, it becomes a chore, dis-ingenious and I do something else. When I do music it’s cathartic and a genuine expression I wanna get out. Something triggers it and it’s how I have to express myself.

Anyway, I’ve been sitting on all kinds of material for like 10 years (10 YEARS!?) and only a handful of them have actually been heard. I get picky, I hate my own shit and try to work on something new. Hell, I could count on one hand how many people have actually heard most of my material. I’m like Worcester’s hip-hop enigmatic phantom …. you know I exist but there’s scant evidence of it. Holy shit … I’m approaching Axel Rose type madness here!!!

That’s why I had to throw this picture up and show you actual evidence.


raw footage

It’s like catching a flick of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster …

Insomniaddict – Sep/Oct 2009

Some video footage of Friday’s set @ The Lucky Dog

hulkku6Dope Wortown / Hip-hop cultural blog “Hulk Hate Time Travel” checks in with a report from Fridays show at the Lucky Dog.

Big ups to Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim and the crew for coming through. I have to warn you, their blog is crazy addictive and whenever I click through I lose track of time.

Show pics and synopsis after the break:

HHTT @ Lucky Dog May 8th (Worcester)

Some work put in this week getting ready for Friday night’s show @ The Luck Dog.

Lucky Dog - Nytmare - May 8th 2009

Free Music

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