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NE Local Music

Ryan Maley of NE Local Music asks me a few questions prior to the annual Deadites Halloween blowout at the Dog. Read More

nytmarish lyricism causes insomnia

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Nytmare “Insomniaddict”

The Pulse Magazine “Up and Comers” section: Read More

Soundtrack to a Nytmare

Worcester Magazine on the release of INSOMNIADDICT Read More

This is Wortown …

WoMag’s take on Worcester’s urban moniker. This article stirred a bit of controversy. Check It

rap induced circaidium rhythm disruption


Reader Write In: Best MC
2006 Turtle Boy Music Awards [ link ]

Runner Up: Rap/Hip-Hop

2004 Wormtown Sound Awards

Runner Up: Rap/Hip-Hop
2003 Wormtown Sound Awards

Runner Up: Rap/Hip-Hop
2002 Wormtown Sound Awards

Runner Up: Rap/Hip-Hop/DJ
Worcester Phoenix 2001 Best Music Poll

nytmare - insomniaddict

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