Nytmare “Insomniaddict”
Written by Kara Olson
January, 2010

Nightmares can scare you out of the deepest sleep and make your heart race out of control. Once the fear and panic are so strong that you are forced to awaken, it is nearly impossible for you to fall back asleep, go back to the norm, the calm of slumber. Accurately named, Nytmare and his music have the power to awaken his listeners out of the slumber of common beats and regular rhymes.

Nytmare was always aware of his dream. “Growing up the music spoke to the culture and movement I was part of and personified many of my zayrebagthoughts and emotions. At 6 years old, I tried my hand at scratching on my mother’s table top stereo system and ruined her Gap Band record. I remember doing my first recording at 13 years old. Plugged earphones into the mic jack of a boom box, hit the demo button on a Zayre Casio, and ran the cassette tape to Sullivan [Middle School] the next day.”

As much as the great hip hop artists of the past two decades including A Tribe Called Quest, NWA, and De La Soul influenced Nytmare, so did Worcester, the city he called home. “Growing up in the city definitely shaped my demeanor and outlook that’s reflected in my music. At the time the city was regarded as a fallen industrial power that had lost its luster…The city had to dig deep, persevere and carry on until it could find itself again. That parallels much of my life and thematically is often expressed in my music. Back against the wall, fighting to carry on; or unabashed frustration and aggression.”

His connection to the perseverance and authenticity of Worcester has inspired Nytmare to explore new and alternative musical sounds the city has to offer. He has toyed with the idea of developing new sounds and collaborations with local bands. “With the wealth of musical talent this city has, the result could be really special.”

There is no lack of determination, strength, or intelligence in Nytmare’s character, nor in his music. He challenges himself not to beat the competition, but to explore his own potential. He doesn’t plan to do any shows until next spring, but luckily Nytmare has poured his soul into his latest release, “Insomniaddict,” which provides enough emotionally charged and haunting tracks to keep us up at night ~ and happily so ~ for a very long time.


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